Ergänzung zu “der tiefere Sinn des Labenz”:

Spof (Subst.): Das Geräusch, wenn die zentrale Infrastruktur ausfällt.

Le roi ténèbres

Diese unterschwellig subversive Zufriedenheit, wenn du im Sekretariat mit einem Kollegen ins Gespräch kommst und die obrigkeitshörige Sekretärin anfängt zu kichern, als sie merkt, dass der im belauschten Gespräch referenzierte ‘dunkle König’ ihren Chef meint.


“Fortschritt zu erzielen ist schwierig, weil man sich erstmal darauf einigen muss, was Fortschritt ist.”
Franz Hi. Ha. (FH-Dozent)

Und da hat der Mann Recht.

My ‘did that’ of the #36c3

  • Stared into Infinity-Cube.
  • Recognized Tim Pritlove.
  • Carefully removed a sticker from a magnetic flipboard.
  • Manipulated a camera in a caleidoscope.
  • Seen replicas of illegal cluster munitions used in current wars.
  • Talked to Leah Oswald.
  • Listened to Mitch explaining a speaker as a pair of two magnets. A permanent and an electric one.
  • Found a Colo. A secure CoLocation for a server.
  • Seen a person on a Hoverboard pulling a small-4-wheel wagon with stuff.
  • Opened a heavy door for a kid with a bike.
  • Found a fridge with public domain-contents.
  • Got recognized by a mentee from last year and talked about life.
  • Reported a full bottle drop point
  • Got a variable light-Installation explained.
  • Found a factorio-Player. Recommended a nearby player not to finish the tutorial.
  • Attended a talk that was not streamed.
  • Donated for a good cause.
  • Seen Holgi moderating a talk
  • Found a laptop in a booth. Laptop was projecting art. Played around with its software (MadMapper). Didn’t understand it.
  • Got a waffle.
  • Found some stickers.
  • Pretended to be a border control. Requested papers. Got a sticker. And was offered increasing amounts of money. Didn’t take it. Quit job at the border.
  • Ins logistic operation center (LOC) geschlichen.
  • Bei der Engel-Fütterung gewesen.
  • Einem fahrenden Bällebad gewunken und zugejubelt.
  • Den ‘holyprinter’ der Vatican Embassy gefunden und ein PDF gedruckt. (https://print.azione.ninja/)
  • Carried a bottle to a drop point that was empty and not mine.
  • Found a rotating Bällebad that looked like a giant blueberry soup.
  • Was reminded by a kid, that tiny bluetooth headphones will likely be lost forever in a Bällebad.
  • Stood successfully on a Hoverboard.
  • Moved successfully on a Hoverboard.
  • Talked to a father that was brought by his son to the Congress.
  • Created a nice beat with an oscillator.
  • Tried to trap a ball on a rotating undulator.
  • To someone elses trash to the bin.
  • Marveled at the six-wheel-Mate-Kasten.
  • Followed the mobile Sofa-Soundsystem that was tugged by a mobility scooter.
  • Deleted a photo because a person was identifiable on it.
  • Found a Discoball with headphones.
  • Changed the colour of a Dino with hex.
  • Identified and talked to the crew crew – security.
  • Watched a 3d printer for a while.
  • Found out that card10 are not for sale anymore.
  • Was fascinated how skilled people can play kicker. They played on a special kicker with paddles on the side like a flipper. This version of the kicker was called FlipKicker.
  • Let my face plot as a scribble.
  • Was recognized by Markus Beckedahl.
  • Entered a mobile Bällebad.
  • Found two navigators to move me around in the Bällebad.
  • Made a weedooweedoo noise as collision-warning. For several minutes.
  • Was advised by a concerned third party that a Bällebad has to be sorted.
  • Devised and instructed a method to sort a Bällebad.
  • Played barcode-Pong. Puck was a moving barcode and had to be scanned in order to be bounced.
  • Played balance-pong with a random stranger. I moved the paddle by balancing my own weight on a specialized game-console-plate.
  • Met random strangers while eating. Learned that you can use oil from the kitchen to light bigger logs of wood in a campfire.
  • Called angel-Support for a dropped bottle. The angel didn’t come but got help and useful tips from others: (1) there is a ‘shitty shift’ specialized to deal with broken stuff – call 1070(?) to reach them. (2) every bar has a Glasbruch-Eimer with tools to remove broken glass. Everybody can borrow the bucket.
  • Listened to Monoschwarz aka. Alle Farben
  • Cheered for shitty robots fighting.
  • Played a game on a vertical LED-stripe.
  • Played a hotseat-duel of a very old spaceinvaders-clone with a random kid.
  • Sat on an uncomfy shaped airbag.
  • Found a typewriter-colour-tape that was spanned three times over the food-valley. The exhaust-fan of a snackvendor blew one string up while it pulled the others down. Was reminded of the plasticbag in ‘American beauty’.
  • Explained someone the concept of Bildungsurlaub.
  • Tooted my awesome t-shirt.
  • Played a pig in a VR environment. Experienced my own slaughter from that perspective.
  • Scanned several bottle drop points.
  • Tried to sneak in the Geisterbahn. Failed.
  • Found the mobile Bällebad again. Sorted. Edgecases like pink balls were buried.
  • Bought the last club mate from a fridge at a bar.
  • Greeted Holgi.
  • Met the creator of the FlipKicker and talked to him about the history of it’s development.
  • Helped with teardown.
  • Organized a ladder for activists from HambiBleibt.
  • Talked to one of them and explained that a hacker isn’t necessarily a skilled programmer. It is someone who disassembles, understands and reassembles systems and/or parts of it.
  • Stapled wallparts of hall-decoration.
  • Switched floor tiles of service-tunnels.
  • Ripped off carpets & double-sided tape. Made large balls of sticky tape. Folded the carpets.
  • Disassembled ‘BüTex’ (professional stage building material).
  • Helped cleaning tables.
  • Helped to staple cleaned tables.
  • Wrapped staples of cleaned tables in foil.
  • Got three vouchers for free drinks in the bar to nudge me to stop working.
  • Drove around with a ‘Ameise’/pallet jack like a scooter.


Der zweite Satz der Thermodynamik ist eine grundsätzlich nihilistische Aussage. Sie führt zu lokaler Entropiereduktion und Egozentrismus.

(Ein Gedanke aus einer Philosophie-Vorlesung)